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Broken Car Keys

Has your car key broken? Has your keyset become irreparable? Don't worry as our team at Keynes Car Keys are able to visit you and replace your key in no time at all. We have specialised laser cutting equipment on all our vehicles and we carry almost every blank key blade for every vehicle manufacturer. Whether you’ve got a Ford, Vauxhall or Peugeot vehicle, we can help you.

If your key has broken while you were turning it in the ignition or door lock, then you may have part of the key still stuck inside the lock. That would be an issue for many car locksmiths, but not our experts. We use specialist extraction tools which can carefully remove all the broken parts of the key without causing any damage to the lock itself.

We strongly advise you not to try and remove the piece from the lock yourself. This is because the broken pieces must be removed with the utmost care. The internal springs and wafers that the key has passed will have reset and be in their natural position. If the broken key blade is just pulled back past these then you will bend them and could even pull them out of position; this means that you will have to replace the lock entirely or have it repaired extensively.

This makes the whole process very costly and time consuming. With our car locksmiths at Keynes Car Keys, we will remove the remaining parts of the key using specialist tools which enable us to move the pins and wafers down and out of the way gently. No damage is incurred, and you will have a new keyset to use immediately on your vehicle.

With central locking now a standard feature on every car, it has made replacement keysets and fobs more commonplace. Our team at Keynes Car Keys are able to replace and programme your new keyset, no matter what has happened. If the button is no longer responsive or the keyset has been stepped on and broken, we’ll help you get on your way. Our emergency locksmiths will provide you with a brand-new keyset that will be programmed to your car’s ECU immediately.

If you’re stuck with a broken car key in Northampton, Milton Keynes and Bedford, choose Keynes Car Keys.

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