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Car Locksmith Northampton

Are you looking for a car locksmith in Northampton? Our dedicated team at Keynes Car Keys can get you back on the road when you lock yourself out of your car. Our emergency call-out service is at hand to help you as soon as you call us.

Unskilled locksmiths can cause permanent damage to your key hole because they will tell you the only way to enter the car is by drilling through. This means you must get a costly repair for the key hole. However, using our expert locksmiths, we can open the car using non-destructive automatic entry methods.

We aim to pick the lock of your car within 15 minutes of arriving. However, in some circumstances you can be on your way in 60 seconds if the internal springs are well-greased. Our emergency phone numbers based on where you are will ensure you’re on your way as quickly as we can get to you.

Keynes Car Keys also provide a range of other services and we are on hand just as quickly to deactivate stolen keys, replace old keys and find replacement cases. If your car keys become trapped in your car in Northampton, ring us on 01604 286072.

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