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Car Locksmiths Bedford

There’s never a good time for your keys to go missing, leaving you locked out of your car. There’s plenty of stories to make you laugh at others misfortune, such as; dropping keys down a drain and shutting keys in the boot with the dog. At Keynes Car Keys, our team of car locksmiths in Bedford are on hand to get you back on your way once more.

While you would hate it to happen to you, losing your keys usually comes down to forgetfulness or clumsiness. However, keys can also be stolen and this can cause genuine problems for you and your car. We want to get you back on the road as soon as possible, but we also believe in assuring you that the stolen keys can’t be used again.

Our team at Keynes Car Keys are trusted across Milton Keynes, Bedford and Northampton because of our auto-locksmith ability. Rather than breaking into your car through intrusive means, like drilling the lock or inflating the airbags, we use a specialist lock pick to open the door.

We aim to complete the unlocking of your door within 15 minutes of arriving and can sometimes do it in just 60 seconds. Jot down our Bedford number for when you’re stuck in a locked-out emergency; 01234 653072.

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