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Emergency Car Key Replacement In Northampton

Broken keys are even more annoying in the technological world. Remote locking cars have made it harder for people to get into the car without the key. If your keypad breaks on you, there’s almost nothing you can do.

That is, however, until you speak to our team at Keynes Car Keys. We are professionals at providing car key replacements in Northampton for your every requirement. Whatever make or model your car is, we can create a perfect replacement that will work immediately. Every time we’re called out to change over or manufacture new keys, we aim to do it as quickly as possible.

We understand that no-one wants to feel as though they’re stuck without their car for too long. That’s why we aim to complete the replacement of your car keys right there and then. When our van turns up to your vehicle, we can usually create the perfect key for you then, but at least gain entry and provide you with a temporary key to use while you wait.

Manual or automatic keys can both be accommodated for with our service at Keynes Car Keys. To make sure you’re not caught out by a sudden breakdown of your keypad or set, jot down our emergency number in Northampton 01604 286 072.

Discover more about our service by contacting our team today.

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