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Key Fob Replacement Bedford

If you’re beginning to see the internal workings of your keys, or you’ve trodden on them and damaged the key fob, you’ll need a replacement. However, if your key fob suddenly breaks, you’ll need an emergency replacement to get you back on the road. At Keynes Car Keys, we can provide instant key fob replacements in Bedford.

Modern key fobs are intelligent in their diligent central locking and unlocking of cars, but their batteries leave a lot to be desired. Some of them will run out in just 30 days of usage, leaving you either using the manual key or being locked out of your car all together.

Our key experts at Keynes Car Keys can get you on your way with a replacement for your model of car. We can also ensure that your other key fob is decommissioned so it can’t be used by someone else. Our all-round service will get you back on the road as soon as possible. Our vans are ready for your emergencies and key problems. Equally adept at replacements as we are at fixing broken keys and locks, you can put your trust in our service.

Ensure that you’re not left out in the cold by jotting down our Bedford phone number, 01234 653072. If you’re not in a rush, our team can provide you with key fob replacements if your current one is looking run down. Get in touch by emailing