KEYNES : Locled Out Keys

Locked out, or your car keys are locked in the car !

Have you managed to lock your car keys in your car? Are you locked out of your car without a clue how to gain access? This is quite a common problem because modern cars auto lock to keep your vehicle and its contents safe.

Choosing Keynes Car Keys when you find yourself locked out of your car means you won’t need to worry. Our specialist lock picking tools and professional car locksmiths will professionally unlock your vehicle using a technique we call non-destructive auto entry which basically means your car will not suffer any damage.

Some unskilled car locksmiths may tell you that they need to drill through the lock and replace it. However, this is very time consuming and expensive for you. Other locksmiths may try to inflate an airbag between your door and the chassis to bend the door so that they can reach in to pull the door handle. This technique doesn't always work either as your car may have deadlocked itself for extra security.

Deadlocked means that you can pull the internal door handle and the car door will not open. This is designed to stop thieves from breaking a window and opening the door to get inside. When the actual key barrel is turned with either the correct key or a specialist lock pick then the deadlock will disable making it possible to open the door; this can be done by our auto locksmiths at Keynes Car Keys.

You may even consider breaking a window to retrieve your car keys but although the cost of the glass might not be that expensive, the cost of having the new glass fitted can be. It also leaves you with a big mess to clear up.

After you’ve called one of our dedicated numbers for either Milton Keynes, Northampton or Bedford, our team of auto locksmiths will solve your locked-out keys scenario almost instantaneously. We aim to pick the lock successfully within 15 minutes of arrival. Sometimes it can take just 60 seconds to pick the lock depending on whether it is an old lock and whether the internally springs are well greased or have seized up.

If you find yourself locked out of your vehicle and don’t know where to turn, choose Keynes Car Keys. Our expert car locksmiths will be able to get into your vehicle and get you on your way without breaking your lock, drilling through it or damaging your door.

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