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Stolen Car Key Replacements Northampton

The realisation that your keys have been stolen is one of shock and worry. You're shocked that you’ve manage to misplace them for a minute and worried that your car will be stolen. Fortunately, our team at Keynes Car Keys are experts at providing stolen car key replacements in Northampton.

Any perpetrators of stealing car keys will be looking to find your car or to steal it when you’re not watching it. Most of the time, however, there’s plenty of time for our team here to solve the problem and stop anyone entering your vehicle.

Our unobtrusive methods will help to gain access to your vehicle without causing any further damage. Our job at this point is to disengage the previous key and ensure that it can’t be used to open your car.

To guarantee that the inconvenience to your day is reduced as much as possible, our team will create your new key right there and then. Our van has all the accessories required to create a new key set and get you on your way.

Our on-site programming of your brand-new key will allow you to drive away the same day without any worry about costly repairs of broken windows or waiting for a key to be cut.

Discover more about our emergency services by contacting us today.