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Stolen car keys

Have you had your car keys stolen? If you’re a victim of car key theft in Milton Keynes, Bedford or Northampton, there’s only one team to call. Our professional stolen key service at Keynes Car Keys combines our specialised diagnostic and programming equipment to protect your car from being stolen.

Our expert locksmiths will delete the key that you’ve had stolen. Your vehicle's immobiliser and ECU (Engine Control Unit) will render it useless to the offending car key thief. We will also be able to make a brand-new key the same day. This means that you won’t have to wait for your local car dealer to order a new set of keys which in some cases can take up to two weeks - in this time your stolen key is still active and could be used on your vehicle.

The other problem with going direct to your local car dealer for replacing your stolen car keys is that you’ll have to arrange recovery for your vehicle. This is very costly, especially if it’s locked and you are unable to get into the vehicle. A broken window and having the car dragged onto a recovery vehicle means that you will need more repairs to your car before you can drive it again.

Cut out all these problems by choosing our stolen key experts at Keynes Car Keys. If you call us on our local numbers for Milton Keynes, Bedford and Northampton, we aim to be with you within an hour where we can supply, cut and programme a brand-new set of keys. We will then delete and remove your old key, which is stored in the immobiliser, to ensure it will never work on your vehicle. Even the remote buttons will not unlock the car or flash the indicator lights; disarming the alarm if you have this function on your car.

We also work with all major insurance companies so if you have any key insurance on your car insurance then we will be able to issue the relevant paperwork for your insurance company so that you can claim all your money back.

For the most comprehensive stolen car key service in Milton Keynes, Bedford and Northampton, choose Keynes Car Keys.

Call us through these numbers:

Milton Keynes: 01908 798 072

Northampton: 01604 286 072

Bedford: 01234 653 072

Mobile: 07843 443 072