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The Best Emergency Auto Locksmith In Bedford

There are some things you can’t be ready for. Even the most pragmatic of people will sometimes shut the boot on their car keys. Our team of auto locksmiths in Bedford at Keynes Car Keys are on hand to retrieve your keys with our non-destructive methods.

Fully-trained to deal with any auto-locksmithing or key problems, our team here can get you on your way as soon as possible. Modern cars are often ready to lock, assuming you’ve forgotten to lock the doors. While it’s great that your car hasn’t been stolen, it’s still very inconvenient.

When you call most locksmiths at this point they will try to enter your vehicle by drilling the lock or by bending the door frame to get in. However, this is both time-consuming and costly to you. Drilling will require a new lock and bending will mean a repair is needed for your door.

Our specially trained team at Keynes Car Keys will use our pick locking techniques to open your door and get you on your way. This is not only completely non-destructive to your vehicle, but it’s quicker. We can sometimes open your car in just 60 seconds.

To find out more about our auto locksmith service, get in contact. Here’s our Bedford number in case of an emergency: 01234 653072

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